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How to choose surgical gown

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We know that surgical gowns are one of the necessary supplies in every hospital. With the gradual increase in people's health awareness, disposable surgical gowns have strode into our vision. With the popularity of disposable surgical gowns, hospitals and agents have gradually increased their requirements for disposable surgical gowns.

What are the functions of disposable surgical gowns?

With the increasing development of medical and health standards, medical staff must be more aware of the prevention of nosocomial infections. As an important measure to prevent nosocomial infections, disposable surgical gowns and drapes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Therefore, the necessary functions of disposable surgical gowns have gradually become apparent. They have high barrier properties to bacteria and liquids, are light and comfortable, have good air permeability, have good antistatic effects and tertiary resistance effects, and some companies can also according to clinical requirements such as Special customization for alcohol, blood, grease, etc.,

How to choose a disposable surgical gown?

People can never choose products without three factors, one is price, the other is quality, and the third is professionalism. First of all, let’s start with price. In a sense, price is one of the factors that measure the quality of a product. As people often say, you get what you pay for, but sometimes it’s not completely correct, especially for medical and health care. In the supplies industry, good price is the prerequisite for the dazzling array of disposable surgical gowns; secondly, quality is the lifeblood of a company. Even if a product of poor quality is cheap, no one cares about it, and the company cannot develop. Therefore, you can find a manufacturer with many years of experience to cooperate; the professionalism of disposable surgical gowns after surgery is reflected in the barrier properties and anti-static properties of bacteria, and you can cooperate with more professional manufacturers in the industry.

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